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"RVH Technologies helps techies to learn and explore software technologies skills to achieve their personal and professional goals through advance and most up-to-date modules to give world class training to members."

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SAP GRC Online Training

Load Runner Online Training

Load runner online training From India:

RVH Technologies provides Load runner Online Training in live, real-time and interactive. It is not self paced or pre-recorded, and provides many of the same benefits as in-person classroom training, with live chat and online collaboration features, information flow between students and their instructors or peers can equal or even surpass that of the classroom training

RVH technologies mainly concentrates Load runner online training.We provide Load runner online training for a low price /Affordable price from India/Hyderabad by real time experts. We are providing Load runner self paced online training vedeos for very affordable cost.

LoadRunner is an automation tool whish is used for the performance testing of the software applications. Load Runner is a licenced tool which was developed by Mercury Interactive Corporation. On November 2006, and later on it became part of HP. Now it is considered as HP Load Runner. LoadRunner supports platforms Microsoft Windows and Linux (Load Generator).

There are many tools available for the performace testing but Load Runner and Jmeter are popular tools. The Quality Assurance engineers and Performance engineerswho has to perform load analysis as part of their testing can take this training.

Some of the pre requisities to learn this course:

  • The learners must have knowldge in manual testing and writing test cases
  • Should have knowldge of any programing language like C, C#
  • Should have experience on database and client / server application development
  • Should have experience in web application testing



Load Runner Online Training Content

Duration : 20 Hours


Types of Testing

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Spike Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Isolation Testing


  • Test Conditions
  • Timing

Setting performance goals

  • Concurrency/Throughput
  • Server response time
  • Render response time
  • Performance Specifications
  • Questions to ask

LR Architecture

Load Runner Components


  • Vuser
  • Recording Options
  • Script Run Time Settings
  • Rendezvous Points
  • Check Points
  • Transactions
  • Correlation
  • Parameterization

LR Controller

  • Types of Scenarios
    >> Manual Scenario
    >> Goal-Oriented Scenario
  • Scheduling Scenario
    >> Ramp Up
    >> Ramp down
  • Think Time
  • Types of Graphs

LR Agent

LR Analysis

  • Analysis Reports
  • Logs – Standard & Extended

Performance Testing Web Application Methodology

  • Identify the Test Environment
  • Identify Performance Acceptance Criteria
  • Plan and Design Tests
  • Configure the Test Environment
  • Implement the Test Design
  • Execute the Test
  • Analyze Results, Tune and Retest


Load runner course highlights:

Ability to remain connected together with your real job whereas attending coaching.

Access to a live teacher for the whole period of the course

You will see the configuration steps live on your screen

Save time and cash by avoiding costly travel

Classes will be conducted weekdays and weekends too.

The institute has glorious and real time Load runner colleges.

We are charging terribly reasonable and economical worth for teaching Load runner Module.

We have a customised Load runner course of study and there’s a forthcoming batches weekly on Load runner Module

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