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Cognos TM1 Online Training From India

RVH Technologies provides IBM Cognos 10 TM1 Online Training in live, real-time and interactive. It is not self paced or pre-recorded, and provides many of the same benefits as in-person classroom training, with live chat and online collaboration features, information flow between students and their instructors or peers can equal or even surpass that of the classroom training

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RVH technologies mainly concentrates IBM COGNOS/IBM Cognos TM1 online training.We provide IBM Cognos TM1 online training for a low price /Affordable price from India/Hyderabad by real time experts.

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Cognos 10 TM1 online training from India -Course Content


Basics and Administration:

Introduction to TM1
Different Components Of TM1
Installation Of TM1 server and Client on a machine
Creation of new TM1 data server
Connecting to existing TM1 server
TM1 administration

1.TM1 Architect:

Create Dimensions:
Review cubes and dimensions
Create dimensions manually
Edit dimensions
Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator

Build Cubes and Views
Discuss cubes and data points
Create cubes
Construct views of data in cubes
Create and use a pick list

Load and Maintain Data
Create processes to load data
Create a process to delete data in a cube
Create processes to update the model
Add Business Rules
Discuss a rule
Construct rules for elements or consolidations
Use functions in rules
Optimize rule performance
Discuss rules in a Rule Worksheet

Optimize rule performance
Use Skipcheck and Feeders
Employ tools to enhance rules and feeders

Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts
Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator
Add a subset to a dimension
Use logic in scripts
Move data between versions
Construct chores

Customize Drill Paths
Create a Drill Process
Create a Drill Assignment Rule

Using Rules for Advanced Modeling

Discuss virtual cubes
List uses for lookup cubes
Create and use a spread profile cube
Implement moving balances in a cube


Creating Users and Groups
Cube Level Security
Dimension Security
Element level Security

Create and Deploy Planning Applications to the Web
Create a Managed Planning Application
Apply security to Managed Planning Applications
Examine design techniques and best practices

Working with Sandboxes
Creation of sandboxes
Deleting sandboxes
Commit Sandboxes
Reset data


2) TM1 Perspective

Creation of Slice
Creation of snapshot
Creation of Active from
Active from vs snapshot
snapshot vs slice

Working with Worksheet Slice and active form
Adding Action Buttons in worksheet
In Spreadsheet Browser
How to Create In Spreadsheet Browser
How to swap row and columns 

3)TM1 Web
Components in TM1 Web
How to create Cube view in TM1 web
How to use subset in Tm1 web
How to create Chart Report
How to change Chart Type and Colors
How to Change Chart appearance
How to Change Chart Properties
How to Run Process in Cognos TM1 Web
How to Edit Chores
How to Activate Chores
How to Execute Chores
How to change user password
How to change Dimension Properties
How to create Sandbox
How to commit Sand box
How to reload sandbox
How to delete sandbox
How to integrate TM1 Web with Cognos BI Portal


4) TM1 contributor

Advantages of Contributor Vs TM1 web
Deploy the contributor application
Creating the Approval hierarchy
Work flow creation


5) Cognos 10 TM1 New Features


5.1) Cognos Inight:

Analyze Data in IBM Cognos Insight:

Import data from various sources
Refresh previously imported data
Analyze and calculate data in your workspace
Choose an effective chart for your analysis
Design a compelling workspace with widgets, tabs, and themes
Publish a workspace

5.2) Cognos Performance Modeller:


Understanding TM1 Performance Modeler.
Creating Dimensions manually.
Creating complex calculations in dimensions.
Using Built-in functions.
Modifying existing dimensions.
Creating Cubes and using quick data entry techniques.
Creating, editing and executing Links.
Understanding and analysing complex links.
Importing data from external sources using Guided Import.
Creating Dimensions using Guided Import.
Creating Look-up and Accumulation links.
Creating and executing Processes.
Creating and scheduling Chores.
Creating and maintaining centrally administered Contributor applications.
Creating and administering Contributor approval applications.
Deploying and Migrating Contributor applications.
Create Applications
Identify application types


6)Assignments (Workshop)

7) Certificate preparation

8) Installation



And Many more concepts …………………